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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Lead Form

Lead Form

Contact CRM

Contact CRM

Popup Builder

Popup Builder

Vedamails' Unlimited SMTP Servers In Action

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Unleash unlimited emails, beyond sending limits.

Breaks down the barriers of costly email subscriptions. Forge deeper, more meaningful business relationships with the liberty of sending unlimited emails.

Send Unlimited Emails

Send Unlimited Emails

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Automations

Unlimited Automations

Unlimited Sending Emails

Unlimited Sending Emails

Unlimited Verification Servers

Unlimited Verification Servers

Unlimited Tracking Domains

Unlimited Tracking Domains

Unlimited Website Integration

Unlimited Website Integration

Unlimited Segments Per List

Unlimited Segments Per List

Unlimited Popups

Unlimited Popups

Unlimited Forms

Unlimited Forms

Unlimited Lists

Unlimited Lists

Unlimited Domains

Unlimited Domains

Vedamails Mobile Responsive
Mobile Responsive Platform 📱

Email insights anywhere, quick reports on your phone

Enjoy user-friendly, comprehensive email analytics with ‘Email Insights Anywhere’. Track key metrics effortlessly on your phone and make informed decisions wherever you are. Ideal for professionals seeking efficiency and depth in their analytics on the go.

Fast and Innovative Email Designer 🎨

Create stunning, personalized emails in minutes!

Boost engagement and conversions with emails that stand out. Start creating with our Fast and Innovative Email Designer today and see the difference!


Get email insights for smarter decisions

Discover the full potential of your email campaigns with our cutting-edge analytics. Effortlessly navigate through intuitive dashboards and gain immediate insights. Empower your marketing decisions with data-driven insights derived from our real-time tracking and advanced analysis for superior results.

Powerful Yet Simple Workflow builder 🤖

Save time and money with our smart automation

Automate your email workflows with ease. From welcome emails to regular updates, handle it all effortlessly. Save hours and reduce costs with smart, automated email sequences. Customize your campaigns for better engagement without the extra work.


Seamlessly manage your contacts and verify emails.

Discover the full potential of your email campaigns with our cutting-edge analytics. Effortlessly navigate through intuitive dashboards and gain immediate insights. Empower your marketing decisions with data-driven insights derived from our real-time tracking and advanced analysis for superior results.

Convert your email list into a cash-generating machine

Choose a Niche

Select a specific niche for your newsletter content to attract a targeted audience.

Build a Quality Email List

Encourage sign-ups via your website and social media channels, ensuring you target genuinely interested subscribers.

Create Valuable Content

Offer unique insights, tips, or resources that provide real value to your readers.

Segment Your List

Tailor your messages to different segments of your audience to increase engagement and conversions.

Automate Email Campaigns

Use email marketing tools to schedule and send emails efficiently, saving time and maintaining consistency.

Use A/B Testing

Test different email elements (subject lines, content, images) to see what works best with your audience.

Personalize Your Emails

Address subscribers by name and customize content based on their interests and past interactions.

Implement Upselling Techniques

Include recommendations for higher-priced items based on the customer’s purchase history.

Promote Affiliate Products

Partner with brands to promote their products for a commission.

Sell Your Products or Services

Directly sell your products or services through email campaigns.

Sponsored Content

Offer paid placements in your newsletter to relevant advertisers.

Analytics and Metrics

Regularly review open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to optimize your strategy.

Re-engage Inactive Subscribers

Send out re-engagement campaigns to win back subscribers who haven’t interacted with your emails.

Offer Exclusive Deals

Provide special offers to your email subscribers to incentivize sign-ups and purchases.

Host Webinars

Promote and host webinars, then follow up with automated emails to convert attendees into customers.

Include Clear CTAs

Make sure every email has a clear call-to-action that guides subscribers towards making a purchase or another desired outcome.

Adopt a Mobile-First Approach

Ensure your emails and landing pages are mobile-friendly as a significant number of users access their email on mobile devices.

Run a Referral Program

Encourage subscribers to refer others in exchange for rewards, which helps grow your list and reach.

Seasonal Campaigns

Leverage holidays and seasons to create timely and relevant email content that resonates with subscribers.

Compliance and Clean Lists

Maintain email list hygiene and comply with regulations like GDPR and CAN-SPAM to ensure deliverability and avoid penalties.


Maximize email delivery by easily integrating Vedamails with leading SMTP providers.

Enhance your email campaigns by seamlessly integrating Vedamails with top external SMTP services like Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailgun, and SparkPost. Benefit from high deliverability and robust performance with easy setup.

Amazon SES

Amazon SES





















Custom SMTP

Custom SMTP

Build Your List, Boost Your Revenue

The ultimate blueprint for exponential email list growth

Create High-Quality Content

Offer valuable information that prompts users to subscribe for more insights.

Use Lead Magnets

Provide free resources such as ebooks, whitepapers, webinars, or tools, in exchange for email sign-ups.

Offer Incentives

Discounts, exclusive deals, or free shipping can entice visitors to subscribe.

Optimize Website Sign-Up Forms

Make sure your sign-up forms are visible and easy to use on your website. Test different placements and designs.

Implement Pop-Ups or Slide-Ins

Use timed pop-ups or slide-ins with a compelling call-to-action (CTA).

Leverage Social Media

Use your social media profiles to promote newsletter sign-ups.

Add Subscribe CTAs in Content

Include CTAs in blog posts, at the end of articles, or in video descriptions.

Run Contests or Giveaways

Use a contest as a method to capture email sign-ups.

Use Exit-Intent Technology

Offer a compelling reason to subscribe when a user is about to leave your site.

Create a Subscription Landing Page

A dedicated landing page for newsletter sign-ups can be linked from social media, guest posts, or advertisements.

Host Webinars

Webinars draw in interested parties that you can convert into subscribers.

Leverage Partnerships

Cross-promote your newsletter with non-competitive but related businesses.

Utilize Paid Advertising

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads can help target potential subscribers.

Offline Methods

Collect emails during events or in-store interactions.

Email Signature

Include a newsletter sign-up link in your email signature.

Content Upgrades

Offer post-specific bonuses that readers can access by providing their email.

Referral Rewards

Encourage current subscribers to refer friends in exchange for discounts or gifts.

Guest Posting

Write for other websites and include a link to your newsletter sign-up in your bio.

Use QR Codes

Place QR codes in physical locations or print materials that link to your sign-up page.

A/B Testing

Regularly test and refine the messaging and design of your CTA, landing pages, and other elements to maximize sign-up conversions.

Q&A Platforms

Participate in platforms like Quora and Reddit and include a discreet email list sign-up link.

personalize, automate, and expand your email marketing 💪

Unlock new possibilities with our unique features.

Send personalized emails to connect meaningfully with each recipient. Set up automation workflows to streamline your tasks and save time. Add multiple SMTPs for unmatched flexibility and scalability in your email campaigns. And that’s just the beginning. Explore our platform to discover how you can elevate your communication and productivity.

Invest Smart, Profit Hard

Generate up to 4200% ROI transform every $1 into $42 with email marketing

Impressive ROI Figures

According to data reported by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing yields an average ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. This remarkable statistic highlights just how profitable email marketing can be when done correctly.

Low Cost of Entry

Email marketing is known for its low startup and operational costs, especially when compared to other marketing channels like direct mail or paid advertising. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses or startups with limited budgets.

Targeted Messaging

The ability to segment lists and send highly targeted campaigns contributes to a better ROI. By crafting messages that cater to specific segments of your audience, you increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion, thus maximizing the returns.

Increased Sales Opportunities

Emails can contain multiple calls to action and links that direct users back to your website, leading to increased traffic and more opportunities to convert leads into sales, do add all the offers and promotions on website.

Automation Efficiencies

Automated email campaigns, such as welcome sequences, abandoned cart emails, or re-engagement emails, work around the clock for you, turning prospects into customers and past customers into repeat buyers—all contributing to a higher ROI without extra effort on a daily basis.

Long-Term Customer Value

Email marketing helps in building long-term relationships with customers by regularly providing them with valuable content and offers tailored to their needs. This customer loyalty, in turn, translates into repeat sales and a higher long-term customer value.

Remember, in the world of digital marketing, email remains king 👑

The last email marketing platform you'll ever need as a pro email marketer 🚀

VedaMails provides you with all the necessary features, from essential email marketing features to advanced marketing automations.

Drag & Drop Builder

Drag & Drop Builder

Create stunning email templates easily with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. No coding expertise needed.

Manage List and Subscribers

Manage List and Subscribers

Easily organize and segment your email lists and subscribers for targeted communication.

Liquid Tags

Liquid Tags

Personalize emails at scale with {{liquid tags}}, automatically customizing content for each recipient.

Detailed Analytics

Access comprehensive analytics for in-depth tracking of campaign performance, including opens, clicks, and more.

Add Images / Link

Add Images / Link

Enhance your emails by easily adding images and links to your templates.

Create Automation Workflow

Create Automation Workflow

Automate your email communication with workflows triggered by designated events, enhancing efficiency.

Amazon SES

Leverage Amazon SES for high deliverability and cost-effective email sending at scale.

List Segmentation

List Segmentation

Improve engagement and revenue by segmenting your emails, sending targeted messages to specific audience groups.

Custom SMTP Server

Integrate a variety of SMTP servers to distribute your email sending load and enhance deliverability.

CSV Import

Simplify contact migration by importing your contacts from CSV files, making the transition to new tools seamless.

Auto Responder

Auto Responder

Welcome new subscribers automatically with personalized emails as soon as they join your list.

API Integration

Seamlessly connect and interact with campaigns, lists, and subscribers through versatile API endpoints.

Custom Tracking Domains

Use your own domains for tracking to enhance trust and improve email deliverability.

Mobile Responsive

Ensure your emails look great on any device with responsive design templates.


Plain Text/HTML

Plain Text/HTML

Flexibly create emails using plain text or HTML for custom designs.


Design emails in real-time with a What You See Is What You Get editor, requiring no technical skills.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Set up automated email sequences triggered by specific user actions for effective lead nurturing.

Custom Fields

Store and utilize additional subscriber information for deeper personalization and segmentation in newsletters.

Email Tracking

Email Tracking

Monitor and analyze every engagement in your email campaigns for insights into performance.

Email Personalization

Go beyond basic personalization, tailoring content to your audience for greater engagement.

Handle Bounce & Unsubscribe

Handle Bounce & Unsubscribe

To manage domain reputation automatically clean your email list by removing bounced and unsubscribed emails in real-time.

Email Validation

Email Validation

Ensure high deliverability by validating your email lists to keep them up-to-date and accurate.

Embedded Form

Embedded Form

Capture leads directly from your website with customizable, embedded forms that feed into specific email lists.



Quickly sort and manage your email campaigns and lists with user-friendly filtering options.

Outgoing Webhooks

Stay informed with real-time notifications about key activities and events in your marketing campaigns.

Add DKIM Signature

Add DKIM Signature

Strengthen email security and deliverability by adding a DKIM signature to your domain.

RSS Integration

Automate content delivery by integrating RSS feeds into your email campaigns, keeping subscribers updated effortlessly.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Seamlessly incorporate social media links into your emails, enhancing engagement and cross-platform connectivity.

More Cash from Attractive Email Campaigns

Design & send stunning newsletters in moments!


Maximize deliverability with our sender rotation

Seamlessly connect with multiple SMTPs to scale your email sending capabilities. By integrating your email marketing service with a reliable SMTP relay, you not only enhance deliverability but also significantly lower the risk of blacklisting, ensuring your emails consistently reach the inbox.

Industries employing email marketing

Real Estate

Agents and brokers leverage email marketing to showcase new listings, open house events, market updates, and client success stories.


Dealerships use emails for promotion of new models, maintenance service reminders, and customer satisfaction surveys.

Professional Services

Law firms, consulting agencies, and accounting firms use emails to share industry insights, company news, and service offerings.

Food and Beverage

Restaurants and food delivery services send promotional offers, menu updates, event announcements, and loyalty program benefits.

Fitness and Wellness

Restaurants and food delivery services send promotional offers, menu updates, event announcements, and loyalty program benefits.

Beauty and Personal Care

Salons and spas use email marketing for appointment reminders, service discounts, and product sales.

Event Planning and Management

Promotions for upcoming events, ticket sales, and post-event follow-ups to attendees.

Publishing and Media

Newsletters with articles, editorials, and subscription offers for magazines, newspapers, and digital publications.


Supply updates, new product launches, and industry developments targeted at farmers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.


Product launches, industry news, and B2B relationship building through consistent email communication.

Energy and Utilities

Updates on energy-saving tips, regulatory changes, and customer service information.

Telecom and Internet Service Providers

Promotions for new plans, bundling options, and customer loyalty programs.

Logistics and Transportation

Information on shipping services, logistic solutions, and updates on transportation regulations.

Education and Training

Course offerings, educational resources, and engagement campaigns targeted at students and professionals.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)

Fundraising campaigns, volunteer opportunities, and reports on achievements and impacts.

Gaming and Apps

Updates on new releases, in-game events, and app updates.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Sharing case studies, best practices, and service offerings for potential clients.

Arts and Crafts

Promoting upcoming workshops, new materials, and inspirational projects.

Construction and Building Services

Sharing portfolio pieces, new service offerings, and industry insights.


Policy updates, educational content about insurance products, and personalized policy renewal reminders.

Charities and Fundraising

Campaign updates, success stories, and calls to action for donations or advocacy.

Pet Care and Animal Services

Tips on pet care, new services introductions, and special offers on products.

Sports and Recreation

Information about upcoming matches, ticket sales, and fan engagement content.

Government and Public Services

Educational information about public programs, policy changes, and community events.

Environmental Services

Sharing eco-friendly initiatives, sustainability tips, and company environmental impact reports.

Photography and Videography Services

Portfolio highlights, service promotions, and educational content about photography/videography.

Baby and Children's Products

Product recommendations, parenting tips, and promotional offers tailored to parents with young children.

Home and Garden

DIY tips, home improvement product promotions, and seasonal gardening advice.

Personal Development and Self-Help

Invitations to webinars, book launches, and content designed to motivate and inspire subscribers.

Travel Accessories and Gear

Product launches, travel packing tips, and exclusive discounts for subscribers.

Language Services

Offering language learning tips, course enrollment promotions, and cultural insights.

Music Industry

Updates on new album releases, concert tours, and merchandise.

E-Learning Platforms

Course recommendations, learning paths, and discount offers for online courses.

Gift and Novelty Products

Gift guides, holiday promotions, and feature products for special occasions.

Specialty Foods and Beverages

Exclusive recipes, new flavor announcements, and subscription box promotions.

DIY and Hardware

Tutorials, product highlights, and sales promotions focused on home improvement enthusiasts.

Seasonal Businesses (e.g., Tax Preparation Services, Holiday Decor)

Timely promotions and reminders tied to the seasonal nature of the services offered.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Product updates, industry news, and unique content experiences.

Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Showcasing portfolio work, sharing testimonials, and offering service packages.

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essential tools for every stage 🔥

Seamlessly personalize your customer journey at every stage

By seamlessly personalizing your customer journey at every stage, you can create a cohesive and memorable experience that elevates your brand and fosters lasting relationships.



Transfer your client information directly from your application or opt for our user-friendly webform and sign-up page to connect with the ideal audience.



Foster meaningful connections with your audience by offering insightful advice and valuable content tailored to their requirements.



Engage your contacts with targeted, data-informed communications and stay involved throughout each phase of their journey.



Gain insights into customer interactions, actively seek their opinions, and enhance their overall experience based on their feedback.


Grow your revenue today

100k Contacts Pro+

Yearly Plan

Email Newsletter, Automation and Segmentation (100k Contacts)

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If, within these 7 days, Vedamails.com doesn’t meet your expectations or if you’re not completely satisfied with the platform, it’s no problem at all. Simply raise a support ticket at https://vedamails.com/support within 7 days of purchase. We will promptly process a refund, no questions asked.

Invest in your business with Vedamails.com, where your satisfaction is not just a promise, but a guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We’ve got answers
What does 'subscriber' mean in Vedamails?

In Vedamails, a ‘subscriber’ is someone’s email address that’s part of your audience list. You can send them emails or newsletters, manage and segment them for your awesome email marketing campaigns.

Why is Vedamails more affordable compared to others?

We’re currently offering a discount which makes Vedamails super affordable. Once this offer ends, our pricing will be more in line with other platforms that offer similar features.

How can I send 100k emails for just $10?

It’s simple! By integrating Vedamails with Amazon SES, you can send 100k emails for only $10. Note that this fee goes to Amazon SES, not to us at Vedamails.

Why should I use Vedamails if I already have Amazon SES?

Vedamails adds a lot of value on top of Amazon SES! You get an intuitive interface, email list management, cool templates, a drag-and-drop editor, and advanced analytics. It’s like giving superpowers to your Amazon SES account!

Besides Vedamails, who else do I pay to send emails?

Apart from the Vedamails, you’ll need an SMTP server like Amazon SES or SMTP2Go, which has its own fees. But if you’re using free providers like Gmail, there are no extra charges.

Can I add team members to Vedamails?

Currently, Vedamails supports one login per account. But you can share this with your team for access.

Can I connect Vedamails to multiple websites?

Absolutely! Vedamails can be connected to several websites, and you can create multiple audience lists for different businesses or websites.

Why is Vedamails so affordable?

We offer integrations with cost-effective SMTP services like Amazon SES, allowing you to enjoy cheaper rates compared to other services.

Does Vedamails provide its own SMTP server?

We don’t have an in-built SMTP server, but you can easily connect to any SMTP server you prefer using our integrations.

What's the daily email limit with Vedamails?

The limit depends on the SMTP server you choose. For instance, with Amazon SES, you can send up to 50,000 emails daily.

Which SMTP integrations does Vedamails support?

We support integrations with Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailgun, SparkPost, and more. You can connect any SMTP server you like!

Can I rotate SMTP servers with Vedamails?

Yes! You can connect multiple SMTP servers and rotate them as needed for your email campaigns.

How does Vedamails handle email bounces and spam?

We keep track of bounces and spam complaints. Invalid contacts are blacklisted, and you can also analyze your campaigns to improve your spam score.

Why doesn't Vedamails offer an inbuilt SMTP server?

We believe in giving you the freedom to choose your SMTP server to enjoy affordable prices and reliable deliverability while using our platform’s features.

Can I track the performance of my email campaigns?

Absolutely! Our platform provides detailed analytics so you can see how your emails are performing in terms of opens, clicks, and more.

Can I segment my email lists?

Yes, you can segment your lists based on various criteria to target your emails more effectively.

Are there templates available for emails?

We offer a variety of pre-designed templates to make your email creation process easier and faster.

Can I personalize my emails?

Yes, personalization is key! You can add personal touches like the recipient’s name to your emails or create your own.

Is Vedamails mobile-friendly?

Yes, our platform and emails are optimized for mobile devices.

Can I automate my email campaigns?

Absolutely! You can set up automated email sequences for things like welcome emails, follow-ups, and more.

How secure is Vedamails?

We prioritize security. Your data and your subscribers’ information are protected with industry-standard security measures.

Can I use my own domain for sending emails?

Yes, you can set up email sending with your own domain to enhance brand consistency and trust.

Do you offer customer support?

Yes, we have a dedicated support team to help you with any questions or issues.

Vedamails revolutionizes email marketing for all business sizes, blending ease-of-use with advanced automation.

Scale your marketing efforts seamlessly with our intuitive platform, from crafting stunning newsletters to enhancing customer engagement through personalized automation. Join the growing success stories with Vedamails and elevate your customer engagement today.

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