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How to create and setup your first amazon SES account

Send 50k emails per day #

Objective: Set up an Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) account for robust email sending capabilities.

Estimated Time: 30-45 minutes

Tools Required: Internet access, an existing Amazon account (or the ability to create one), and access to your domain’s DNS settings.

Steps: #

  1. Find Amazon SES:
  2. Account Creation/Login:
    • Create a new Amazon account or log in to your existing one.
  3. Access SES Service:
    • Once logged in, use the AWS Management Console to search for “SES”.
    • Click on “Amazon Simple Email Service” to access SES features.
  4. Email Address Verification:
    • Add and verify your email address. You’ll receive a verification email; click the link within to complete the verification.
  5. Domain Verification:
    • Add your domain (without HTTP, /, or www).
    • Verify your sending domain by adding the provided CNAME records to your DNS settings.
  6. Request Production Access:
    • Click on “Request Production Access” to move out of the SES sandbox environment (where you can only send emails to verified email addresses).
  7. Complete Request Details:
    • Select “Marketing” as your use case.
    • Provide detailed, valid reasons for your email sending needs (e.g., customer updates, product feature announcements). Ensure that your purpose is aligned with non-spammy practices.
    • Submit accurate and convincing details as Amazon reviews these requests manually.
  8. Optional Email and Submission:
    • Add an optional email address for communication or directly submit your request.
  9. SMTP Settings Configuration:
    • Go back to your SES dashboard.
    • Navigate to “SMTP Settings” and click on “Create SMTP Credentials.”
    • Follow the prompts to create a new user for SMTP. Save the provided username and password securely.
  10. Finalize SMTP Settings:
  • Note down the endpoint URL and SMTP server details including the port (typically 25) and encryption method (TLS).
  1. Integrate with Vedamails:
  • Go to Vedamails and log in.
  • Click on “Sending Servers” and then “Add New Sending Server.”
  • Choose “SMTP” as the server type.
  • Enter the details from Amazon SES – endpoint URL as the host, the username, password, port, and encryption method.
  • Save all settings.
  1. Completion:
  • With all settings saved, your Amazon SES account is now integrated with Vedamails.

Fun Tip: You’re now an email wizard with your own SES wand!

Important Considerations:

  • Amazon SES operates in a sandbox environment initially, where you can only send emails to verified addresses. The production access request is essential to send emails to a broader audience.
  • Keep your SMTP credentials secure and confidential.
  • Ensure compliance with Amazon SES’s usage policies to maintain a good sender reputation.
  • The domain verification process is crucial for the authenticity of your emails. Make sure your DNS settings are updated accurately.

Note: Setting up Amazon SES can be technical. If you encounter issues or need further assistance, Amazon SES documentation and support are excellent resources. Happy emailing! 📧💻

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