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How to create your first email list for email marketing

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Objective: Establish your initial email list in Vedamails to kickstart your email marketing campaigns.

Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes

Tools Required: Access to your Vedamails account and a prepared list of subscribers (if available).

Steps: #

  1. Access Vedamails:
    • Navigate to Vedamails in your web browser.
    • Log into your Vedamails account.
  2. Locate List Management:
    • In the Vedamails dashboard, click on “Lists,” which you should find under a similar category labeled ‘Lists’. This section is dedicated to managing your email lists.
  3. Initiate List Creation:
    • Click on “Create List.” This is your first step towards building your audience.
  4. Input Identity Details:
    • Fill in the identity details for your list. This typically includes the name of the list and other identifying information which helps in categorizing and managing your email campaigns.
  5. Add Contact Information:
    • Provide the contact information related to the list. This could be your business or personal contact details, depending on the nature of the list.
  6. Configure List Settings:
    • Enable the settings that suit your campaign needs. It’s recommended to enable ‘double opt-in’. This ensures subscribers confirm their email addresses, enhancing list quality and compliance.
  7. Add Subscribers:
    • Open the list you just created and click on “Subscribers.”
    • Import your subscribers list here. This can typically be done via uploading a CSV file or manually entering subscriber details.
  8. Manage Your Subscribers:
    • After importing, hover over “Subscribers” and select “View All” to see your entire list of subscribers.
  9. Completion:
    • You should now be able to view all your subscribers in the list. Your email list is ready for your first campaign!

Fun Tip: Imagine you’re a captain now, and you’ve just assembled your first crew. Ready to sail in the email marketing sea!

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