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How to setup email automation for automated email marketing

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Objective: Establish an automated email marketing workflow in Vedamails to engage your audience consistently and efficiently.

Estimated Time: 20-30 minutes

Tools Required: Vedamails account and a clear idea of the automation triggers and responses you want to set up.

Steps: #

  1. Access Vedamails:
    • Open your preferred web browser and navigate to Vedamails.
    • Log in to your account to access the dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Automations:
    • In the Vedamails dashboard, click on the “Automations” section. This area is dedicated to setting up automated email sequences.
  3. Select a Pre-Built Automation Trigger:
    • Choose from the available pre-built automated triggers. These triggers are designed to start an email sequence based on specific actions or events (like a new subscriber sign-up, a purchase, or a special date).
  4. Choose Your Target Email List:
    • Select the email list you want the automation to apply to. This determines which subscribers will receive your automated emails.
  5. Confirm Your Selection:
    • After selecting the trigger and email list, click on “Confirm” to proceed.
  6. Name Your Automation:
    • Add a unique name to your automation for easy identification. This name should reflect the purpose or nature of the automation.
  7. Set Up Your Automation:
    • Create the actual email or series of emails that will be sent out automatically. This involves crafting the email content, setting the timing or sequence of emails, and any conditional paths based on subscriber actions or responses.
  8. Completion:
    • Once you’ve set up the automation rules and content, your email automation is ready to go!

Fun Tip: You’ve just created a digital butler who’ll send emails on your behalf. How fancy!

Important Considerations:

  • Tailor the content of your automated emails to the trigger event. Personalized content tends to resonate more with recipients.
  • Test your automation before activating it fully to ensure it works as expected.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of your automated emails. Adjustments may be necessary based on subscriber engagement and feedback.

Note: Email automation is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, allowing for consistent and timely engagement with your audience without manual effort for each email sent. If you encounter any difficulties or need further guidance, Vedamails support team is a great resource. Happy automating! 📧⚙️

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