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How to setup SMTP2Go sending server and emails

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Objective: Establish SMTP2Go as your sending server for email campaigns and communications.

Estimated Time: 30-45 minutes

Tools Required: Access to your SMTP2Go account, your domain’s DNS settings, and access to your email marketing platform (e.g., Vedamails).

Steps: #

  1. Sign Up for SMTP2Go:
    • Visit SMTP2Go.
    • Sign up by providing the necessary details and creating an account.
  2. Log In and Verify Email:
    • Log in to your SMTP2Go account.
    • Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your inbox.
  3. Add a Verified Sender:
    • In your SMTP2Go dashboard, click on “Add a verified sender.”
  4. Domain Verification:
    • Choose “Add sender domain.”
    • Enter your domain and select “Continue with this domain.”
  5. DNS Record Configuration:
    • Add the provided 3 CNAME records to your domain’s DNS settings through your domain provider.
  6. Domain Verification Check:
    • Click on “Verify” in SMTP2Go to complete domain verification. If verification fails, check your details again or wait for DNS propagation, which can take up to 48 hours.
  7. Create SMTP User:
    • Select “SMTP users” from the left-hand menu in SMTP2Go.
    • Click “Add SMTP User.” Follow the prompts and save the provided username and password.
  8. Note SMTP Server URL:
    • Make a note of the SMTP server URL provided by SMTP2Go.
  9. Integrate with Email Platform:
    • Access your email marketing platform (e.g., Vedamails).
    • Navigate to the section for adding a new sending server, usually under “Sending Servers.”
    • Choose “SMTP” as the server type.
  10. Enter SMTP2Go Details:
  • In the server configuration, enter the SMTP2Go server URL as the hostname.
  • Add the SMTP user username and password.
  • Set the port to 25 and select TLS for encryption.
  1. Finalize and Save:
  • Save all settings and complete any additional details required by your email platform.
  1. Completion:
  • Your SMTP2Go sending server is now set up and integrated with your email platform.

Fun Tip: Like a digital postman, you’ve just geared up for delivering emails around the digital world!

Important Considerations:

  • Proper DNS configuration is crucial for the successful verification of your domain.
  • Keep your SMTP credentials secure to protect your email sending capabilities.
  • Monitor your email deliverability and reputation regularly when using a new SMTP server.

Note: Setting up an SMTP server like SMTP2Go involves several technical steps. If you face challenges, SMTP2Go’s support team and your domain provider can offer assistance. Happy emailing! 📧🌐

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