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How to setup tracking domain for email marketing

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Objective: Set up a new tracking domain in your Vedamails account to track email campaign performance.

Estimated Time: 15-20 minutes

Tools Required: Vedamails account access, your own domain or a provided domain (e.g., theogrco.online), access to your domain’s hosting service.

Steps: #

  1. Log into Vedamails:
    • Open your browser and head over to Vedamails.
    • Ensure you’re logged in with your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Tracking Domains:
    • Once in the dashboard, click on the “Sending” option.
    • From the dropdown, select “Tracking Domains.”
  3. Initiate Tracking Domain Setup:
    • Look for and click on the “Create New Tracking Domain” button. This should be fairly conspicuous.
  4. Configure HTTPS Redirection:
    • In the ‘Host Redirect Verification’ section, select ‘HTTPS’. This ensures secure redirection.
  5. Enter Your Domain Details:
    • Now, add your domain name. You can either use your own domain or the provided ‘theogrco.online’.
  6. For Personal Domains:
    • If you’re using your own domain:
      • Download the provided ZIP file. This contains necessary verification files.
      • Upload this ZIP file to the root directory of your domain or subdomain. This might require using an FTP client or your web host’s file manager.
  7. Extract Files:
    • Extract the contents of the ZIP file directly into the root directory.
  8. Verify the Setup in Vedamails:
    • Go back to Vedamails, navigate to ‘Tracking Domains’, and find your newly added domain.
    • Click on “View” next to your domain.
  9. Test the Tracking Domain:
    • Select “Test Tracking Domain” to initiate verification. This checks if the uploaded files are correctly set up and accessible.
  10. Completion:
  • Once the test is successful, your tracking domain is fully operational.

Fun Tip: Just like a detective, you’ve successfully set up a way to track down those elusive email insights!

Important Considerations:

  • Ensure your domain’s DNS settings are correctly configured before proceeding with the setup.
  • The ZIP file upload and extraction are crucial steps for domain verification. Make sure to complete these accurately.
  • If you encounter difficulties or errors during the process, consider reaching out to Vedamails support for assistance.

Final Note: Congratulations! You are now ready to track the performance of your email campaigns with your new tracking domain in Vedamails. Happy analyzing! 📊🕵️‍♂️

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