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Send 500emails/day from your domain for free using gmail SMTP

This SOP provides a detailed guide for configuring Gmail’s Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) settings within the VedaMails platform. This enables users to send emails from their Gmail account using VedaMails.

Scope: This SOP is intended for individuals, IT professionals, or VedaMails users who need to integrate Gmail SMTP settings for sending emails through VedaMails.


  • The individual performing the setup is responsible for accurately following these instructions.
  • The security and confidentiality of Gmail account credentials must be ensured throughout this process.

Materials Needed:

  • A device with internet access.
  • Active Gmail account credentials.


  1. Enable 2-Step Verification on Your Gmail Account:
    • Visit Google Account settings.
    • Select Security > “2-Step Verification”.
    • Follow the prompts to set up (think of it like putting on a seatbelt before driving).
  2. Generate an App Password (If 2-Step Verification is Enabled):
    • In Google Account settings, go to Security > “App passwords”.
    • Choose the app (Mail) and device for the app password.
    • Safely note the 16-digit password provided (treat it like the final piece of a puzzle).
  3. Access SMTP Settings in VedaMails:
    • Log in to your VedaMails account.
    • Navigate to the sending server>add sending server>SMTP>add credentials>done
  4. Configure Gmail SMTP Settings:
    • Select the option to add a new email account.
    • Choose ‘Manual setup’ or ‘Advanced settings’.
    • Enter the following SMTP details:
      • SMTP Server: smtp.gmail.com
      • Port: Use 465 for SSL or 587 for TLS.
      • Username: Your full Gmail address (e.g., youremail@gmail.com).
      • Password: Your Gmail password or the 16-digit app password.
  5. Test the SMTP Configuration:
    • VedaMails may offer a feature to test the email settings.
    • Click on this feature to verify that all settings are correct.
    • If the test fails, revisit all the settings for any errors.
  6. Save and Confirm Settings:
    • Once testing is successful, save the configuration.
    • You’re all set to send emails through Gmail in VedaMails!


  • Ensure all entered settings are accurate.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • If issues persist, consult VedaMails or Gmail support.

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